Pixy Jones
Pixy Jones and Dave the Robot are my main characters.  Pixy is a programmer with a knack for hardware hacking.  Dave is a Trashbot who desperately dreams to someday be upgraded to a Sexbot.

Pixy found Dave in the Dump one day and repaired him.  Since then they've become best friends.

Berry the Baphemet is a Saturday morning cartoon character that Pj and Dave watch while eating Berry's "Super Sugar Sweet and Shit Cerial".  He also infects her dreams.

Jesus Jones is PJs brother who she doesn't get along with very well..

This is a project that I have been working on unofficially for over three years.  However I have been drawing comics since I was in Junior High School.  I never quite took it seriously.  This is my first attempt to make a real comic.
More too come...